Pickup Adult Coed Soccer

Let me know if you want your pickup games posted. OSSSL Pres

Updated Jan 2012
Castro Valley High on Sunday starting at 10:30 am - pick up coed games.  Everyone welcome. 

Last updated 2011
Sunday mornings 9 am to 11 am
Sylvester Harvey Park

Last updated Jan-Feb 2009
Sunday mornings start play at 10:00; arrive at 9:45 to warm up
Location:  Harvest Park Middle School  Pleasanton , Valley Ave between Hopyard and Santa Rita.  Google map:

Bring dark and white shirts  goal equipment if you have it

Cancellations due to weather:  judge for yourself whether fields are too wet for play without damaging them and refrain from playing if they are.

Restrooms:  none available at field; rarely, the restrooms in the nearby gym are open; nearby Safeway has restrooms