The Vice President shall "Submit written registration procedures. (OSSSL Constitution Article 6.2 Vice President)


Teams must be from the list of cities listed in OSSSL Constitution By-Law 1.
Minimum 6 men and 6 women per team. (OSSSL Constitution By-Law 4B)
Maximum 25 players per team. (OSSSL Constitution By-Law 4C and 7A)
Registration must be processed through the City Representative. (OSSSL Constitution By-Law 4D)
Entire reg fee and roster of at least 6 men and 6 women (OSSSL Board decision) due prior to Alignment Committee meeting in July.
Players may not register before their 30th birthday. (OSSSL Constitution By-Law 7B,C)
No player transfers during fall or spring halves of the season. (OSSSL Constitution By-Law 8

New team: Less than 12 returning players from that team.  7/6/97 Board Mtg.
Special allowance for two teams to divide and reorganize to form two returning teams with very few new OSSSL players on either reorganized team.

A roster (listing minimum 6 men and 6 women), all player passes and entire registration fee to be turned into Vice President prior to Alignment Committee meeting (typically held in early July)

Team rosters submitted must contain player pass number, printed Name, Address, and Telephone number of all players on team in addition to City, Team name, Team color and alternate color, Team Rep's name and telephone number and date.

All players must have on file with the Vice President or submit photocopy of official documents containing photograph, birth date and current address such as drivers license or passport and signed OSSSL Agreement and Release From Liability form. A player transferring to a different team must sign and submit a new OSSSL Agreement and Release from Liability form.


A valid player pass may only be secured from the city representative, upon presentation of proof of age, a clear current photograph, and the completed forms and waivers as required by the league. (OSSSL Constitution By-Law 9B)
Submit proof of age and residence (drivers license, passport, birth certificate, etc), photo of player for player pass, a complete new roster, and a signed Release From Liability form to the city representative who will check the documents submitted and make the pass or forward to the OSSSL Vice President. Allow at least 3 days for city representative processing and at least 4 days for Vice President processing. Include a self addressed stamped envelope for player pass to be mailed to team representative.
Team rosters submitted must contain player pass number, printed Name, Address, and telephone number of all players, Team City, Team name, Team color and alternate color, Team Representatives name and telephone number (optional email address) and date.


Any number of new teams may apply for inclusion. (OSSSL Constitution By-Law 5)
The OSSSL Board decides the maximum number of teams in any division and the number of divisions.
The OSSSL Board decides if there are any 'openings'.
Any team may apply at any time to fill an opening.
The City Representative submits a team for acceptance into the OSSSL.
A new team must meet all written and traditional conditions.
All team registration information and fees must be prepared prior to submission.
The OSSSL Board decides whether or not to admit a new team.
All newly admitted teams are automatically on one year probation.
Inclusion is NOT based on 'first come, first served'.


Team name appearing on registration sheet will be used for scheduling purposes.
Team name may be changed by notifying the OSSSL Board via City representative, President or Vice President. (1997/98 OSSSL Constitution By-Law 4D)
Team representatives will be those listed on registration sheet.
Team representative may be changed by the same process as Team name.
In case of dispute of changes of team name or team representative, decision of majority of currently registered team members shall prevail.